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Solution Proposed in October 2019

The Skeletons are Dancing

Never Forget


... and their families.

Katherine Kirchgessner
Martha Smith
Cheri Jo Bates
David Arthur Faraday
Betty Lou Jensen
Darlene Ferrin
Cecelia Ann Shepard
Paul Lee Stine
Maureen Sterling
Yvonne Weber
Kim Wendy Allen
Lori Lee Kursa
Carolyn Davis
Theresa Walsh
The Unidentified
Lisa Michelle Smith
Jeannette Kamahele
Kerry Ann Graham
Francine Marie Trimble

(List includes Santa Rosa Hitchhiker Murder Crimes)


Tim Holt comics were published between July 1948 and April 1954. There are a total of 41 comics and you can read them all here.

#8 has the name FARLEY

  #14 has the name FARLEY

  #22 has the name DON

   #30 has the Death Wheel  

Open up the large infographic below on a new page and study it carefully. You will eventually absorb how the entire Zodiac Halloween Card content and envelope is explained by these comics the Zodiac probably had from his youth to meet the Dr. DCB Marsh challenge.


Phil Sins contacts Riverside PD to tell them that he thinks there is a connection between the murder of Cheri Jo Bates and the Zodiac killer mainly because the letters look similar.

Riverside PD send a memo to Napa PD asking if there is a connection with Bates to the Zodiac. Phil Sins also contacts San Francisco Chronicle writer Paul Avery.


On October 27th, 1970, the Zodiac killer sends a Halloween card to Paul Avery. This card has been reproduced in parts in the photo gallery. Within the card the Zodiac killer claims he has included clues to his real name.

The Halloween card solution was completely solved between May 12th - May 14th, 2019, nearly half a century later. The book has the solution as presented to investigators.


On November 16th 1970, Paul Avery using Phil Sins tips on a connection to Bates publishes, 'New Evidence in Zodiac Killings' in the San Francisco Chronicle.

The Zodiac waits 4 months to reply to what was a perfect opportunity to mislead investigators. Why 4 months? Because the Zodiac has already sent Paul Avery his name in code in the Halloween card and thinks he has made a mistake.


On March 13th, 1971, the Zodiac responds with a letter to the Los Angeles Times, 4 months later.

The Zodiac claims he is crack-proof and admits to the Riverside activity.

The Zodiac thinks he has gotten away with it and no one can crack the Halloween card...

... until now.

Concerned Citizen Key Solver

Here is a possible solution to the Concerned Citizen Key.


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