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Solution Proposed in October 2019

The Skeletons are Dancing


12th August 2021 Eureka Card Solve using Golf

2nd August 2021 The Exorcist Letter Symbol Solve using Golf 

30th July 2021 Donna Lass Pines Card & 13 hole Card Solve using Golf

December 2020 Citizen Card Solve gives a Name

May 2019 Halloween Card Solve with Tim Holt Comics gives a Name

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Never Forget


... and their families.

Katherine Kirchgessner
Martha Smith
Cheri Jo Bates
David Arthur Faraday
Betty Lou Jensen
Darlene Ferrin
Cecelia Ann Shepard
Paul Lee Stine
Maureen Sterling
Yvonne Weber
Kim Wendy Allen
Lori Lee Kursa
Carolyn Davis
Theresa Walsh
The Unidentified
Lisa Michelle Smith
Jeannette Kamahele
Kerry Ann Graham
Francine Marie Trimble

(List includes Santa Rosa Hitchhiker Murder Crimes)


Tim Holt comics were published between July 1948 and April 1954. There are a total of 41 comics and you can read them all here.

#8 has the name FARLEY

  #14 has the name FARLEY

  #22 has the name DON

   #30 has the Death Wheel  

Click the infographic below to open a higher resolution version. You will eventually absorb how the entire Zodiac Halloween Card content and envelope is explained by these comics the Zodiac probably had from his youth to meet the Dr. DCB Marsh challenge.

Click the image above to link to a high resolution version


Phil Sins contacts Riverside PD to tell them that he thinks there is a connection between the murder of Cheri Jo Bates and the Zodiac killer mainly because the letters look similar.

Riverside PD send a memo to Napa PD asking if there is a connection with Bates to the Zodiac. Phil Sins also contacts San Francisco Chronicle writer Paul Avery.


On October 27th, 1970, the Zodiac killer sends a Halloween card to Paul Avery. This card has been reproduced in parts in the photo gallery. Within the card the Zodiac killer claims he has included clues to his real name.

The Halloween card solution was completely solved between May 12th - May 14th, 2019, nearly half a century later. The book has the solution as presented to investigators.


On November 16th 1970, Paul Avery using Phil Sins tips on a connection to Bates publishes, 'New Evidence in Zodiac Killings' in the San Francisco Chronicle.

The Zodiac waits 4 months to reply to what was a perfect opportunity to mislead investigators. Why 4 months? Because the Zodiac has already sent Paul Avery his name in code in the Halloween card and thinks he has made a mistake.


On March 13th, 1971, the Zodiac responds with a letter to the Los Angeles Times, 4 months later.

The Zodiac claims he is crack-proof and admits to the Riverside activity.

The Zodiac thinks he has gotten away with it and no one can crack the Halloween card...

... until now.

Concerned Citizen Key Solver

Here is a possible solution to the Concerned Citizen Key.


It's golf!

Facts: The facts I got from the contemporary newspapers state the following:

Miss Donna Ann Lass, 25, a nurse who worked in South Lake Tahoe's Sahara Casino, went missing after her work shift on September 6, 1970. She was never seen again. There appears to be little to zero to indicate how she vanished. Nothing was unusual except for a missing Donna Lass.  

Pines Card:

Donna Lass got national newspaper coverage when the Zodiac killer mailed in correspondence nicknamed the Pines card by researchers, postmarked March 22, 1971. This Pines card was officially declared a Zodiac communication by Sherwood Morrill, also mentioned by the newspapers. It is believed the Zodiac is referencing Donna Lass.  

There are several words formed from newspaper cut-outs pasted onto the card, and they read as the following:

  • Sought Victim 12
  • Peek through the pines
  • Pass Lake Tahoe areas
  • Around in the snow
  • Sierra club

In addition to this, the card had a hole punched through it. The same punching was used around the sides of the card to give it the appearance of waves. Investigators in the papers tried to connect the card clues with a possible dumpsite for the body of Donna Lass. They made some deductions, but the one they seem to focus on was that the image used in the card was traced to an advertisement for Incline Villages at Lake Tahoe. There are many more suggestions for locations, but nothing turned up.

13 Hole Card

If there was any doubt over the card being a Zodiac communication, it was with luck that researchers unearthed what they thought was a hoax Zodiac communication. The October 7, 1970 communication, called the 13 hole card by researchers, resembled the Pines card but had 13 holes punched out and using some wording the Zodiac was known to use.

 Therefore, it is believed this communication is a prototype of the Pines card, and because the papers didn't print it, Zodiac created the Pines card to try and get attention.I have been interested in the possibility of a golf connection for a while because of various things pointing to it and the use of a puncher on these cards.I recently found that it is possible to explain the whole card, find a possible location, and put it all together by using this golf theme.  

  1. The puncher and holes can be associated with golf scorecard punching. The Zodiac kept scores in his communications.

2. Sierra Club is an organisation but the double meaning is probably a golf stick.

3. Around in the snow. Another double-meaning for "a round" of winter golf.

4. Pass Lake Tahoe areas. Double-meaning a "golf membership pass".

5. The prototype calls the victim a big thirteenth, not a big thirteen. That is consistent with what you would call the thirteenth hole.

6. Pines card is therefore referencing the 12th hole.

7. The stamp with the 4 cents is probably a reference to the golf term FORE.

8. The 13 hole card uses the word pace which is the word used to describe the speed at which a golf game flows at.

There is more. I also found a news article that held many references and even included some interesting ones that we have covered. So it seems a casual sports and recreation writer had put the words and meanings together in an unrelated topic-golf. I am not the only one doing this.

It reads:"Then northward back to Sierra, through Long [maybe meant lone here] Pine and Bishop, to Lake Tahoe, where they found the most interesting golf course of all, the Tahoe Paradise Golf club."Sierra, through, pine, lake Tahoe, club, and then an extra word that really should get our attention-Paradise. A particular word the Zodiac used very often included in his coded messages. The Zodiac referenced Paradise (spelling it Paradice) many times over in his communications. It even appears in the latest Z340 crack.


We may not have to think much here at all. The one theme keeps it simple.

The Pines card clues are probably directions with puns and double meanings to the Tahoe Paradise Golf club. Also keep in mind that researchers have looked at Paradise Motel.

So we are there already. All we need to do is look at what the twelfth and thirteenth hole may mean to us.

These two adjacent Tahoe Paradise golf course holes happen to be on the furthest point of the golf course and very near a wooded area. So I think this is the region where to look.

Maybe there is a lining up somewhere, say 12 through 13 or the tee-offs or something.

It also turns out that Donna Lass worked no less than 10 miles or a 20 min car ride from the Sahara hotel to this golf course. So this is also an important area for this case.

I am quite confident this is probably it or very close to it because officials were looking closely at clues exactly like this and following up on them.Thank you for taking the time out to read this. It required effort on your part to get through it all, so again, I hope it gives you something maybe you didn't have before. I think this pathway might be promising. Obviously, we can't physically do anything with the age of this crime and it would require skill sets and technology beyond our means.


It's golf AGAIN!

It appears the Zodiac may have continued with the same theme in the Exorcist letter. It also has the theme of identity.

The Exorcist letter (January 29th, 1974) contains some strange symbols at the end.

Looks random and odd. Despite the usual spelling out of “To Kill” I have another explanation for them. In fact, To Kill might not even be mutually exclusive

with my explanation, so I think it works as the Zodiac intended.

In golf, to identify the ball with the owner, they take a pen and draw a unique symbol on the ball. It can be a simple dot. A line. A signature. A scribble. All sorts of shapes. You can keep a note of other players' symbols before you all begin.

Usually with a sharpie-type pen.

Of all sorts of alternative thickness.

Top players even do it.

Really nothing more or nothing less than that. A simple clue to golf again.

Some additional information.

Crime Scenes:

3/4 of the Zodiac crime scenes had golf courses right next to them.


Presideo Heights.

The one in the Presidio reserved for the Military and friends.

Lake Herman Road is a fishing spot as well as Lake Berryessa.

Two types of recreational pastimes. We would expect the Zodiac to possibly be out driving as a fisherman/golfer.

Golf Dress:

Bryan Hartnell said the Zodiac wore pleated pants.

Officer Fouke said the Zodiac wore pleated pants.

They both described him wearing a windbreaker type top.

This is consistent with golfing attire.

So are the bloody gloves.

Zodiac writes about a Golf Course:

The Zodiac described a golf course once. It is the first group of three Zodiac letters with the same content except for this golf course. Only one letter made reference to it and the other two did not. He wrote these together. San Francisco Chronicle Letter - July 31 1969

IMO he made a mistake here. He gave us more details in this letter than the other two.

Zodiac avoided talking about a Golf Course:

On the phone, Zodiac came up with an elaborate explanation of getting to Blue Rock Springs. You don't need to elaborate; you need to say 'golf course parking area,' which is sufficient. The Zodiac avoided saying it, but we know he knows it's a golf course because of the letter.

It's all the same theme. If it works, it works, so he kept going with it. Everyone has been searching for a sports connection. Baseball and football are the main two that have been discussed. I think it was golf they needed to actually make the connections. Just a different sport and it comes together fast as you can see.

Someone should ask if David Faraday or Mike Mageau ever made pocket money as a caddie out at BRS golf course.


What a big surprise! It's golf yet again...

Snowman is a golf term for scoring an 8 on a hole because the 8 looks like a snowman.

Here are some more possible hints at golf from the Zodiac.

4th August 1969 letter. Address is a foul when the ball moves as you take up a stance because of slight club contact.

Blast is a bunker shot from the sand.

Also the Zodiac phoned a police dispatcher and end the message with a taunting 'GOOODD...BBBYYYYYYEEEEEEEE'.

Bye - playing remaining holes when the game is over bcause a winner is too far ahead.

We don't have to be right about absolutely everything.

We just have to be right about some things. Even just one thing.

To reject these findings means everything must be wrong.

  Thank you for taking the time to read this. I hope it is something new at the very least.  

The Northern California Dog Poisoner (1960 - 2000) and the Santa Rosa Hitchhiker Murders (1972 - 1973)

It is quite likely there will be poisonings and even murders in this series that are not our guy, but I think he is still there mostly. I once wrote an essay called "Who Let the Dog's Out" in 2019. It was no longer available for a while but I put it up hereIt had to do with dogs and serial killers. BTK and dogs. VREARONS and dogs.

The Northern California Dog Poisoner was extremely prolific. This is not an inference based on all dog poisonings but based just on the ones that seem to be connected. If we include everything it is even bigger.

SRHM target Carolyn Davis was poisoned with strychnine a controlled substance and it seems the stuff was given out for golf course pests.

He didn't know how much poison he would need to kill a human. The dogs were all given well over the lethal dosage, enough to kill a child. He was expecting a child to be poisoned but the papers revealed to him what the lethal dose for a human would be on the 20th April 1973.

Carolyn Davis disappeared on July 15th, 1973.

For those that are worried about the problem of de-escalation into murdering dogs, this has long been documented by the activities of Joseph James DeAngelo who killed dogs to access targets and would kick them on his motorbike while driving by, but it is Dennis Rader who became a dog catcher and terminated people's dogs who he was stalking and probably some who were not, that shows it can happen. He even shot a dog in front of owners and their kids. Another woman he stalked left after he told her that her dog broke out and had to be euthanized. Lucky she moved away. She was a target. This article has the dog shooting incident.

 Weekend attacks are mentioned next, Fri to Sun. A Zodiac theme.  

It seems he was even at Napa in 1974.

Note the proximity to Santa Rosa Junior College which is associated with the SRHM crimes.

 When we look more we eventually hit on the sinister phone calls the killer is making.  

Another user pointed out to me that Nam Tactics means probably AGENT ORANGE. Maybe there is a double-meaning of agent there.

Many of the poisoned dogs apparently involved women living alone. There are letters of complaints about it and one or two that look very interesting from our perspective here. When they called the Sheriff's department many of them were rebuffed. They complain about this in the letters. It is odd to think that for the SRHM crimes the suggestion was that the poison came from a drug users makings with all that going on at the same time as the SRHM crimes.

This is quite obviously the same m.o. as Joseph James DeAngelo and Dennis Rader. Dogs make noise, alert people nearby and so need to be removed from the equation. Typical stalking and pro-actively preparing an area for peeping without distraction.

It also happened in Oceanside. Someone tried to take out a whole residential area of dogs.

At least some of SRHM crimes are probably the same guy as this Northern California strychnine dog poisoner who is probably the Zodiac and all the rest.

Confidence is what closes those circles down. Confidence to not need to go out so far anymore. Confidence that they can still return there if they wish. Confidence because it is who they are that let's them walk around looking like the Zodiac composite all day long and getting away with it. Mr. Nice Guy. So ultra nice that he overcompensates going above and beyond what is needed to keep the Mr. Nice Guy image intact. That will stand out if we ever identify him. That and his love of puns and double-meanings, all day long.

Next is an early attack in December of 1968 and another in 1960.

There are quite a few of these in the early 1960s.

and then we have a very strange mocking letter to the editor through the series.

It's him.


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