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Motive: POI insulted by the Zodiac newspapers after getting beaten up by Vallejo students in his youth. Tire salesman made the papers for beating up a detainee after receiving hospital treatment for being beaten up. Last we hear of him as a reserve officer was this incident in 1967. I think somehow these events impacted their careers as LE. One became a prison guard the other into tire sales.

Zodiac Description:

  • Best match for the Presideo Heights composite to date.
  • Good match for body-type (belly) described by witness.
  • Lake Berryessa witnesses all said their stalker was good looking (i.e, not ugly)
  • Close to the Napa composite (thus unifying both composites).


  • Presideo Heights area in San Francisco.
  • Family near town near Lake Berryessa.
  • Navy trained in Vallejo.
  • Oceanside family residence location.
  • One married near Eureka (holiday connections there also).
  • Worked San Quentin and Santa Rosa.
  • Homes near Santa Rosa Hitchhiker Murders places of interest.

They can be generally placed in the contemporary period of the crimes. It seems they worked 9-5 and would be free on weekends. Known to travel because of strong connections to sports. Strong connection to automobiles. One of them put an ad out in the papers around the time of the Santa Rosa Hitchhiker Murders getting details on Jnr Miss contestants so they could audition. He was arrested in 2000 for prostitution. Obviously there is private stuff but I don't think it helps here and is for LE, IMO.

I recently found out that the car parked in the spot of my POIs place of work (tire service station) in a contemporary store photograph is none other than a Mercury Comet with Zodiac-like cross-hair symbols on each side of the hood.

One twin brother operated in a car service center for the rest of his life.

What I find very interesting is that their father was a fireman and head jailer of Sonoma County.

This guy in the original post worked San Quentin jail and was also on the Junior Chamber of Commerce as a float/parade organizer.

Both twins were trained vehicle mechanics also. The Zodiac has talked about hosing people down. I always thought that strange.

All I had to do was spray them as if it was a water hose.

and not the last time he talked about firemen.

Hey blue pig I was in the park—you were useing fire trucks to mask the sound of your cruzeing prowl cars

Both were LE. At least one didn't make it after 1967.

The guy in the first photo is a prison guard and the image of him in uniform is for the reserves (Z1).

What the reader may not know is that his twin (Z2) was also a reserve deputy for a brief time. Yes that's correct. They both were.

One of them (Z2) however ended up in an altercation with a young hurt man who was forcibly restrained and then knocked unconscious by said reserve officer after receiving medical care. That was last we hear of him in April of 1967 of being a reserve officer. For the rest of his career he is selling tires from a service station.

No more being reserve LE after a detainee got beaten up after receiving medical attention for getting beaten up.

Oh look, handing out a road map and a badge. We will get to these soon.

Next up are all the weekends he spent in Vallejo at Mare Island.

So that's Vallejo and water and probably codes to cross off the list.

I think the submarine community would respond to some wording the Zodiac used as the sort of thing they say on submarines.

Eureka happens to be the name of the road leading to Point Arena Air Force Station.

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Point_Are ... ce_Station

It is also where one of these guys was married. Eureka.

Fred Manalli can be put within 15 min walk whenever of these guys in numerous ways. I can also put these guys closer to some locations than the ones that also got Manalli noticed. Look up Fred Manalli Zodiac killer online.

Here is the entry form that my guy put out in the papers. High school girls who wanted to be Junior Miss could send him their details. Not just school details as to where they were a Senior, but their home address and telephone numbers also so he knew where they lived after he met them in person. His name is in the grayed out box. We know this is him for certain because these events are mentioned in his obit.

Lake Herman Road is a fishing spot as well as Lake Berryessa.

Two types of recreational pastimes. We would expect the Zodiac to possibly be out driving as a fisherman/golfer. We cover golf on the main page but 3/4 crime scenes are next to golf courses.

Bryan Hartnell said the Zodiac wore pleated pants.

Officer Fouke said the Zodiac wore pleated pants.

They both described him wearing a windbreaker type top.

This is consistent with golfing attire. The Zodiac carried his gear in his car and likely a change of shoes and shirt.

Fouke in the documentary "The Zodiac is Speaking" mentions the trousers as pleated and rust and strange for the time.

This is 1969 San Francisco and Fouke is even saying they are strange for the time.

Zodiac and tires

Look how down low the Zodiac had to get to write on the door.

Why there? Why not on the bonnet or rear? He has just as much space. A way easier to lean over and write downwards. Yet he decides to automatically crouch down low all the way down to tire level writing as he goes along. Like that position is an everyday thing. The Zodiac and cars is such an interesting angle. Also it is interesting that for the two calls both were located in around car related servicing themes. Like he felt safe and at home there right after a homicide. Most would go to their bolt hole or home I would think.

The unknown vehicle left tire tracks. This vehicle had two different size tires on front, tires were worn.

That may seem normal for an older car at first but it isn't. Normal would mean they swapped out one worn tire for another worn tire of different size. What are they doing? Replacing one at a time with worn tires?

Replacing a single worn tire would be 3 worn + 1 new (same size) not 3 worn + 1 worn (different size; the Zodiac's alleged car).

3 worn + 1 worn of a different front size is a patch job. Like someone trying to find a bunch of used tires and got 3 worn matching and 1 worn non-matching that will work for now.

Is a forensically aware Zodiac aware enough to swap tires out for used ones they get rid of? Is that why he crouched down near the door to write? Had he done that all day long for four wheels before the LB attack?

No doubt those tires went into the dump that evening or following day.

The reason why the stalking man seen in close proximity and timing to the LB attack is so important is that he never came forward and has never been identified. The chances of such a remote location having two stalkers with the same build stalking independently of each other like that is highly unlikely.

Let his face get seen twice by three girls but still went on to attack Hartnell & Shepard. He was driven. He was driven because of the investment he had put in for that day. Complete set of worn tires to dispose after, costume with embroidered Zodiac symbol, clip-on glasses for a planned daytime attack, a ruse of a narrative to get them to submit to him. There was no way that fantasy was not going to play out if the opportunity presented itself and it did a little while later. That is why the girls gave us some good clues.

So anyway I think planning to use old worn tires explains that configuration forensics found.

One of the twins I am discussing was on a Jnr. Chamber of Commerce. Abbreviates Jaycees.

He worked on projects like this all the time including Jnr. Miss contests.

He also worked on projects in conjunction with municipal buses.

BTW, I had to double check that photograph several times to make sure it wasn't his dad, but no, it is him. He is 29! In that photo he looks mid-to-late 30s. Basically this guy in his late 20s was looking 5 to 10 years older.

The Original wanted poster was 25-30 and the Amended one 35-45. That's quite a variation between 25 and 45 (20 years). These guys would have been 32 at the time.

There is also a direct connection to Oceanside with a home in the St Cloud At Ocean area which is about 7 min drive to where Ray Davis picked up his fair on Mission street and therefore 14 min to the crime scene.

Mare island and submarines
Letter to the San Francisco Chronicle (April 20th, 1970). The 'blue meannies' references the Beatles' animated theatrical film “Yellow Submarine” (13th January 1969).

He references blue meanies again in his March 13th, 1971 letter.

The Zodiac symbol is like a periscope crosshair in part.  Also, the dripping pen has what looks like rivets on it.

Head injury
Looks like the San Quentin prison guard guy had a head injury and was left with a 12" scar.  

A head injury is a part of the story "The Most Dangerous Game." It is supposed to explain why Count Zaroff is little bit funny in the head.

You will notice that whoever did the art on the Halloween card decided to include a fracture in one of the skeleton's skulls on the inside image. Either they selected it or made it.

Various papers at the time and since tried to do artists impressions of the Lake Berryessa attack but the original is the one with what looks like a line on their forehead.

Including the TV broadcast of it...

Targets is a 1968 film. It features the ammo brand Super-X which you can see in the trailer. It was directed by Bogdanovich and is about a mass shooter. The inspiration was from Charles Whitman.


Charles Whitman had a brain tumor and it is conceivable this pressure on his amygdala may have caused him to carry out the mass shooting.

August 1, 1966 was the date of the mass shooting from University of Texas belltower, 3 months before Cheri Jo Bates was murdered. I have no doubt the Zodiac followed that incident and has seen those films. He may have been building an excuse for himself.

Welsh Ancestry
Welsh Ancestry. An interesting call by Fouke on this one. Obviously the guy learned to distinguish a look from the British Isles. Well he is not far wrong with the research I am doing. He is two counties away from the ancestry origins. 130 miles.

What sort of a criminal who encounters LE a few minutes after murdering a taxi driver just carries on like that is nothing and then writes about LE and sends in bloody evidence with it? What sort of a criminal decides to toy directly with LE rather than avoid that totally and get on with crime? What sort of a criminal decided that in response to them getting the upper hand on the sketch, completely overwhelms the department and municipalities in one move by threatening buses?

My answer is because he is around them all day long and understood clearly what would cause the department and municipalities to stretch their limits. Just like knowing firecrackers on holidays would cause LE to question if it was gun shots being reported.

The Zodiac thinks he knows everything about LE.

I enjoy needling the blue pigs. Hey blue pig I was in the park—you were useing fire trucks to mask the sound of your cruzeing prowl cars

Hey pig doesnt it rile you up to have your noze rubed in your booboos?

- Zodiac letter, November 9, 1969

“Those fuckers. Those fuckers, those pigs. I’ve never killed before but I’m going to kill now. Listen, do you hear me? I want you to tell those fuckers, those pigs, I’m going home to my apartment. I have bunches of televisions. I’m going to listen to the radio and watch television, and if I hear about this, I’m going to go out tomorrow night and kill two people. People are going to die.” ... But before the suspect left, he told Cindy he wanted her to give the pigs a message. Twice he told her, “They got it mixed up last time. I said I would kill two people. I’m not going to kill you. If this is on the TV or in the papers tomorrow, I’ll kill two people. Are you listening?” He then made her repeat what he said. In every assault, the suspect was known to make statements to his victim. Usually he would say he had seen or met them before. We took all of his statements to be an effort to mislead the police. This time he said something else, “My buddy is in the car waiting. Tell the pigs I will be back New Year’s Eve.” - Shelby, Richard. HUNTING A PSYCHOPATH: The East Area Rapist / Original Night Stalker Investigation - The Original Investigator Speaks Out .

The perp in the latter instance turned out to be law enforcement. Joseph James DeAngelo was active LE at the time he said and did those things. The pigs thing was a ruse.

Special thanks to the researchers who helped put the work in for this.

That's the twin who was asking school kids to send him their details in Santa Rosa for the Jnr. Miss Contest.

Furthermore, I want to add something else, and it is maybe the most significant statement I can make—all of the research presented is PUBLIC DOMAIN. No other POI remotely comes close to being a public domain only presentation. Nearly all of them are private domain material. Don’t you think a public domain pathway would be the one to hit on the Zodiac as the Zodiac appeared to have issues with publicity?

For the Oceanside crime a book was dump in the dead taxi driver's cab.

Four elements on the one page related to my POIs. Book was dumped by murderer after phoning LE and telling them to guess WHO he is.

- Farley surname
- Brothers
- Cops
- One in San Quentin

Slapstick comedy at the tire center.

A whole batch of consecutive letters Zodiac Killer letters discuss buttons. The Don Quixote card (April 28th, 1970) is the first communication to mention them.

“… 2 I would like to see some nice Zodiac butons wandering about town. Every one else has these buttons like, , black power, melvin eats bluber, etc. Well it would cheer me up considerably if I saw a lot of people wearing my buton.”

Next is the Zodiac Killer letter, June 26th, 1970, sent to the San Francisco Chronicle:

“I have become very upset with the people of San Fran Bay Area. They have not complied with my wishes for them to wear some nice Zodiac Killer buttons.”

This June 26th, 1970, communication also contains the Route 66 map.

Then there is the Zodiac Killer letter, July 24th, 1970, sent to the San Francisco Chronicle:

“I am rather unhappy because you people will not wear some nice (Zodiac symbol) buttons.”

The last known ‘button’ letter was the Zodiac Killer letter, July 26th, 1970, sent to the San Francisco Chronicle:
“Being that you will not wear some nice Zodiac Killer symbol.svg buttons, how about wearing some nasty (Zodiac) buttons. Or any type of Zodiac-logo.jpg buttons that you can think up. If you do not wear any type of (Zodiac) buttons, I shall (on top of everything else) torture all 13 of my slaves that I have wateing for me in Paradice.”

This particular communication is what also points at the Zodiac being the Santa Rosa Hitchhiker Murderer for a few reasons. You can read the transcript of the full communication at the end of this book. Its content features the theme of torture and children, something the Santa Rosa Hitchhiker Murderer also did. The Zodiac borrowed heavily from Groucho Marx's rendition of the Mikado ‘Little List’ song. The Zodiac talked in this letter about 13 slaves waiting for him in Paradice. This figure isn’t too far away from the number of Santa Rosa Hitchhikers who may have fallen to the same killer. Prophetically the Zodiac claimed “none of them would be missed” as per the Mikado song. At the beginning of the Santa Rosa Hitchhiker Murders, no one seemed to listen to the families of the victims. It was as if none of them would be missed because they glossed over as chronic runaways that would eventually turn up back home. Often LE wouldn’t even file a report (see George, Gray, Lost Coast Highway (2016)).

You should be asking the question at this stage about how on Earth I am finding so many things that seem to be in photographs and connecting them up with the Zodiac case. For some readers, it will just be seeing coincidences at an unprecedented rate. It took me only a few months of public research to find the main ones compared to the decades of private research some have put into their POIs. Other readers may be skeptical of the mass coincidence explanation and instead just put it down to some sort of genius-level research skills on my behalf. I believe neither are the case and I am certainly far from genius.

If I am correct, then the answer is simple and straightforward and is right out of a Thomas Harris novel, namely ‘Red Dragon.’ When the FBI profiler character Will Graham asks himself while watching a family home movie about how the killer knew so much about these families and their homes, the answer was there in front of him. The killer had also seen their home movies.

Likewise, the Zodiac has probably seen these photographs also and has been referencing them. These photographs taken by Don Meacham were to become public and are part of the Sonoma County Library documenting business and history. They were for archival purposes.

I also think there is a good possibility that the Zodiac also wanted to drop clues even after death.

Here is a transcript of the obituary of one of the twins:

It is with great sadness that the family of (censored) "Bones" (censored) announces his passing on (censored) at the age of (censored) years. A native of Santa Rosa, (censored) attended Santa Rosa High school lettering in three sports. He also attended Santa Rosa J.C. where he continued his passion for football. He enlisted in the U.S. Navy Submarine Service, traveling much of the world on the USS Blueback. His continued commitment to the community was apparent through his years serving with YMI and the Druids. A sports enthusiast who was a 49er faithful and Warriors fan, he loved to golf at the Bennett Valley Golf Course, where he could be found marshalling weekly. (censored) enjoyed gardening and was especially proud of his green beans and tomatoes. He loved to fish for salmon, barbecue in the back yard, and play cards during warm summer evenings. (Censored) was a loving man who was always smiling and would give you the shirt off his back.

Read that again with everything you have learned so far. The last line in this quote should also stand out for those familiar with the homicide of Paul Stine. If this pathway is correct, he helped with his own obituary.


This is probably the original BONES card. It seems the Zodiac made the entire Halloween Card for a reason. Why? He wanted to do this one but BONES stood out too much. Doranchak posted the card back in 2016.

We don't have to be right about absolutely everything.

We just have to be right about some things.
Even just one thing.

To reject these findings means everything must be wrong.

Never forget the victims and their families.


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